Austin Junk Removal Service (Curbside Trash Pickup)

Junk removal, curbside trash pickup, or trash hauling – whatever you call manual trash services, Grime Time is here to help. Our manual trash pickup services eliminate the need for onsite dumpsters that take up valuable space. If you live in Austin, TX or surrounding areas and need a helping hand with your next waste removal project, give us a call at 512-387-5802. No other trash service in the area offers the same flexibility, convenience, and affordability as Grime Time.

Junk Removal Curbsite Trash Pickup

Austin, TX Junk Removal for All Your Waste Removal Needs

Sometimes DIY waste removal takes valuable time out of your day. Hauling trailer-loads of trash to the local dump gets tedious, especially if you’re on a tight deadline or shorthanded on the job. If a roll-off dumpster rental doesn’t quite suit your needs and regular trash services won’t cut it, think of Grime Time’s junk removal services. Whatever your reason, manual trash pickup provides extra peace of mind during renovation, cleanup, and yard projects.

Learn More About Grime Time Junk Removal

For manual trash pickup services, we offer a two-man crew and trailer or a one-man service with skid-steer and trailer. Our dump trailers hold up to 20 cubic yards of waste, but we won’t charge you for the full load on every call. Our prorated pricing structure allows us to charge customers based on every 5 cubic yards of waste. If you only use a quarter of our trailer, you will only pay for a quarter plus labor.

The Junk Removal Service Ordering Process

At Grime Time, we understand the sometimes confusing nature of junk removal services. To simplify orders as much as possible, we prefer to work with our customers on an individual basis. Here’s how our typical service ordering process works:

1. Get in touch with us. Call us at 512-387-5802, email us at, or fill out and submit information in our website contact form. Provide information about your project. Send pictures and describe the project to ensure an accurate estimate. Let us know more about the type, location, and amount of waste/junk involved.

2. Schedule a junk removal date. New customers will need to create a Grime Time profile to schedule a pickup date. The online scheduling process is simple and designed with our customers’ needs in mind.

3. Prepare for service day. Use trash bags and other containers to place waste in a centralized location for removal. If our team needs to travel a distance to access the waste or pick up rock, concrete, stone, and other heavy materials, the total cost of the removal project will increase based on the amount of labor involved. Let us know ahead of time if you will need help moving large items such as furniture or possessions.

4. Payment. We accept payment onsite for most projects. If you will not be onsite at the time of pickup, we will ask for credit card information to keep on file. For commercial projects, we can also provide invoicing for qualified customers.

If you need professional dumpster rentals or junk removal in Austin, think Grime Time. Our team is professional, friendly, and ready to work for you. As a full-service waste removal company, we look forward to simplifying waste removal with our convenient junk removal services. Let us know how we can help you today!