Dumpster Rental in Cedar Park, Texas

Do you have a pile of junk you need to get rid of? Are you planning a project that will generate a high volume of heavy or bulky trash? Multiple trips to the dump to dispose of small loads can slow you down, adding hours or days to your project schedule, and sometimes what you’re throwing away is too big to fit in your vehicle for transporting. Grime Time rents dumpsters for all situations, so you get the job done efficiently.


Call Grime Time When You Need a Dumpster in Cedar Park

Some projects generate a high volume of trash or construction debris. Here are some situations when it’s best to have one of our roll-off dumpsters on hand for easy haul-off:

  • Home or business remodeling
  • Home restoration or repairs
  • Cleaning out your garage
  • Moving
  • Roof replacement
  • Small structure demolition

Dumpster Rental Sizes

The type of project you take on will determine the size of dumpster you need. Grime Time rents the following sizes and allows you to determine a delivery and pickup that best suits your schedule and project timeline:

10-yard dumpsters – These dumpsters are great when you’re remodeling a room, tearing out a deck or cleaning up yard debris. Our dumpsters hold light and heavy materials, including concrete, soil and gravel.

20-yard dumpsters – If you have plans to take on commercial remodeling, large renovations, roof removal or restoration work, this dumpster can accommodate s much as 4 tons of heavy debris, including concrete, soil and gravel.

30-yard dumpsters – The 30 yard dumpster is built for commercial projects, large renovations, new construction, storm cleanup and project cleanups with bulky debris. This dumpster cannot handle heavy debris, such as soil, concrete or gravel.

40-yard dumpsters – Our largest dumpster includes delivery, pickup, and 6 tons (12,00lbs) of disposal. This is a big dumpster for a big job. Contractors and commercial customers please call for our flexible, no hassle rental period options. Please This dumpster size does not handle heavy debris such as concrete, gravel, or soil.

Our needs-based pricing includes drop-off, pickup and disposal of as much as 5 tons of waste, depending on the dumpster size selected. We charge a flat rate per ton if you exceed the container’s weight limit.

Our team can help you decide which dumpster will best suit your needs and your project. We are diligent in planning access points on your property for delivery and pickup of your dumpster, ensuring property protection. We always comply with local ordinances.

How to Rent a Dumpster in Cedar Park, TX

Whether you need a dumpster or haul-off services, our staff is ready to help you through the process. Call 512-387-5802 or email info@grimetime.com to schedule a delivery or pickup, or to find out more.